Spillane Cup

The trophy was known as the Marists' Cup and although it still bears the name, it is the same trophy as played for today under the accepted title of the 'Spillane Cup'.

From 1926 the Cup was competed for between Wanganui and Wellington and in 1930 Hamilton Marist issued a challenge to the then holder Wellington. That challenge resulted in a conference being called with a view to some form of permanent competition being established. From this gathering of Marist clubs came the 'New Zealand Marist Brothers Old Boys Football Association'. A further result of this conference was the inauguration of what is now known as the first Spillane Tournament. Approval was obtained from the trophys donor to change the intent of the cup from that of a challenge basis to a competitive one which would encourage more Marist clubs to compete.

The inaugural Spillane Tournament which was won by Auckland Marist, was held in Hamilton at Easter 1931. As the tournaments popularity grew, more affiliated clubs came on board, resulting in the Brennan Cup being added in 1936, the Moran Cup in 1953 and the Ham Cuming Cup in 1960. The only break in the sequence of tournaments since 1931 was during the war years 1939-45.


Spillane Cup Statistics

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Sillane Cup Historical Dates

Marist Cup Donated by Charles I Spillane of Wanganui (called the Spillane Cup from 1930)

First fully fledged Spillane Tournament with 4 Clubs participating under the auspices of the NZ Marist Brothers Old Boy's Rugby Football Association (NZMBOB).

Tournament split into two sections with Mr Todd Brennan of Wellington donating a cup for the second four teams.

Hamilton's Monte Mills was elected the first life member of the North Island Marist Association

First North Island Marist team selected (Spillane Tournament Team)

Mr C I Spillane died on April 6th, the day the N I Conference began.

Moran Cup section added. Previously the Moran Cup was presented to the team displaying the best defensive qualities but with the additional teams participating the new section was added.

Ham Cuming Cup section started. The Cup was to commemorate Mr Ham Cuming (Wellington), a tireless worker for Marist Rugby.

NZ Marist Federation formed at March 13th meeting in Wellington

Monte Mills died in May after a period of illness following his attendance at the Palmerston North Spillane Tournament

First time the Spillane Tournament was run on a knock-out basis with all teams able to compete for the Spillane Cup

Archbishop Liston donated the Liston Cup for Golden Oldies (Pressies) Rugby.

NZ Marist granted membership status of NZRFU. 2007 Spillane at Rotorua changed to a pre-season time from the traditional Easter Tournament